human Naturist

hello Everbody it is me agane yoar old freand 14 agane and if yoar anythink like me (and some of you already are) then you will Hafe been BANNED a lot recently from going naked on a public beach, surrounded by nature, wildlife, and other naked peaple!

yes, And i am VERY quite upset about it all – it WAS a genuine mistaque, and juan what Anybody could make, given the time and necessary equipment!

so Take care, becasue It may NOT be compleately clear from the outset that thear are NO different levels of nudity – it’s Naked or Nothing when it coms to naiturisem.

for Instance, the Wearing Of a Condom (for anythink other than ceremonial reasons) generally disbars you from being considered naked, as i Found out – whearas a plaster or bandage IS acceptable.

i Know! go figure.

now My queston is – if i cut myself and use a condom instead of a plaster to stop the bleeding am i Considered nude or not?? and What about the woman who (unfortunately) is on the blob – o Sory i am NOT being pollitercally incorrect thear but i Think hugh understand – is SHE to be considered clothed if she puts a jamrag up thear? or A condom instead??

come On, Wolverhampton Nudist and naturist club (actually it is just A road traffic island, big one admittedly, with some bushes) – lets Move into the 20th century and leave behind some of thease rules from dickensian Times and let us ALL be free to be naked – weather we are wearing rubbery cloathing or NOT!!!

love From 14

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