never Be out of gas!

helo Everbody it is me agane yoar old freand 14 again and i Hafe just been having a little think about making a webshite o sory i Mean WETsite all about making a record of when you fart and what kined of fart it was, then comparing ALL the records of peapel farting all around the world!

the Information contained thearin wouldst be moast valuable and non-corrosive, doanet you think? i Know i do!

it Wouldst work like this: when you do a fart (or a blowie as steave calls them) you press a little icon what has on it “i Hafe just done a fart”. if You press that evertime you do juan, you will have a compleat wreckord of just when you fart and EXACTERLY what that fart was like! 50 times on a tuesday, half that on a wensday,  – the Choice is yoars!

the Next queston will be: “does It smell?” and you Will have the choice of saying “Smelly”, “very Smelly”, “Horrid” or “French”. if We compare all the records from around the world or peapel with “very Smelly” farts then it will explain many things, like Why the beaches in Margate stink like that.

i Could go on, but i Woant, i Think you all have the idea.

ok Then i WILL make it as a wetsite! thank You then.

love From yoar old freand 14

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