a Bit suicidal

hello Everbody it is me, yoar old freand 14, and i Was reacently discribed as ‘schitzophrenic’ by a local doctor (who may or may NOT be qualified in certain legal countries).

persenally, i Am in two minds about this diagnosis, but it does lead me to think that might be the reason why i Only half want to kill myself.

i Think the ‘other’ me is the self-killing half, whearas the me (this one what is righting the message) half is the juan who is against it.

of Corrs i Am always willing to compromise, so i Hafe dissided to partially commit suicide in the hoap that the other me might feel this is a good balance, and he can have the part of me what is then dead.

i Have left a note for him in case he doesn’t remember this When it is his turn to occupy me.

the Only problem is – what Kined of a method would produce only partial deadness, and how do i Work out how much of me should remain alive?

a Toilet seat can NOT become mental

should i Burn noxious substances, but only inhale through one nostril, or perhaps try to hang by only one half of the neck? is Thear even such a thing as a half-lethal injectian??

i Know you’ll all be Filled with concern at my predicament – i’M SURE some of hugh hafe been in this position befoar, but if You yoarself (or one half of you) has ever come up with a deacent method then please hesitate in letting me know!

oh Well then thank you then

love from 14

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