Manure can be frightful to Steve and francis when she is on the towels, or – as i like to call it – genitally bleeding. she Is OK with me though and i Think thats becasue she knows i quite like the aroma, but at thease times she is clearly unable to tolerate what she calls Steve and francis. i Can understand her compleatly, becasue i Call them that as well, even though we’ve never discussed it.

i Think thear is a sort of empathy between us what gives me the ability to make up what i Think she is thinking, and read this from my mind, almost as if it were her own.  i Know for a FACT that she can usually tell what i Am thinking, too, althoagh the amount of drool i Am doing at the time might give her some kind of clues. i Hafe tried things to stop the drool getting out of my mouth, like putting paper towels in thear, or a magnet, but none of them seem to work very well, and to be honest, my pimple goes dry.

she Issent always right, however, and i Hafe identified thoase occasions as being due to an over production of drool becasue i Was thinking about somthing entirely ruder than what she thaught i Was. i Am currently looking for a way to use this knowledge to my advantage as i Beleave an ability to drool at JUST the right amount could be a valuable life-tool. currently It is only useful for controlling the amount of times you get washed over with a wet-wipe, but i Intend to perfect the techneaque and maybe even sell it on to google who will give it the wise investment that it needs, and make it available via the web.

i Will of coarse retain intellectual rites so that i Can make sure it remains child-freandly, replacing naughy search results with links to legoland and sweety-manufacturers. childeren Drool easier, and so require less bandwidth.

i Hafe already copyrighted it in case the idea gets counterfieted in the Asian Republic of China or (increasingly thease days) Cardiff. one Mans secret is another mans opportunity for profit, and places like China and Cardiff put a LOT of money into industrial espianarge i Can tell you, with Spies everwhear, and you might never know when sombody around you is thear to steal yoar ideas and sell them on to a high bidder.

thear Are measures you can take to protect yoarself however, and i fined that by judging sombodys reaction when you put it to them that they are a Industrial Spie you can get a pretty good idea of if they are one or NOT. i Ask this of peapel on random occassions when they are NOT expecting it to maximise the chances of catching them out if they lye, althoagh i Try NOT to do it too offen in case they see a pattern in it and starts to wonder if they SHOULD be.

i Doanet know of anybody who has become a industrial Spy as a result, althoagh it is possible that juan or two hafe instead given it up, perhaps out of guilt when faced with it. hopfully They will be working hard to restore thear karma after a lifetime of knicking other peapels ideas, and i Think Chris Martin hit the nail on the head when he wroate sombody elses song about this very subject, and gave it a new name.

love From 15 oh sorry i Mean 14
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