Manure (she says it’s man-yoo-ray to make it easier for chinease peapel to pronounce) thinks “believeability” should be on the list of things i Hafe a uneaque lack of, but not as high up the list as “xylaphone talent” even though – alphabetically – it SHOULD be.

i Do practice, especially when Francis hassent taken my xylophoan away from me. you Should NOT take xylerphoans away from peapel when they are practicing or thinking about doing so and as i Juance told him “imagine What Jimmy Hendrix might hafe become had somone taken his xylerphone away from him during HIS problematic years”. this should go without saying, but it is the duty of us all to offer a reminder to thoase who might hafe forgotten it recently.

of Coarse, francis payed no attention and took it away in any case, althoagh he forgot the sticks, so i Was able to practice by hitting them up and down the bed and making xylaphone noises whenever i Hit the right note. i Also made noises evertime i Hit the WRONG note, and this added to the realism to a degree whear i Almost diddent know that the xylaphoan was NOT there!

unfortunetley This is NOT somthing i can do evertime he takes it away becasue he usually DOES rememember to take the sticks, and i Think you will agree that making xylo-phoen noises whilst you are NOT banging some sticks on a bed can leave you looking Verey silly indeed!

manure Suggested i try practising with a mouth-organ instead, but its mutch heavier than a stick, and you can only do one note at a time. to Be honest i was a bit annoyed with her for suggesting it becasue she KNOWS that Liberarchy would NOT hafe perfected HIS skills by banging a mouth-organ onto a bed, even if the noise he had to make was the less complicated sound of a piano.

it Just doessent HAPPEN that way, talent needs to be Nurtured, and – the word excapes me, but it is the opposite to Disencourraged – if it is to shine through!

this Is somthing i feel very strongly about, and offen tell myself at night when i Am in bed, trying to keep still.

love From 14
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