dirty Old fridge

helo Everbody it is Me agane yoar old freand 14 againe and i Hafe just popped in to warn you off buying a fridge what Francis has got for sale on his facebook page.  do NOT bye it, it has a dirty inside and the cable does NOT stretch all the way to the wall.  i Know this becasue i Carried it down to the cellar.

thear Are of corrs lots of other things in the cellar becasue this is whear Mrs. Walters stores stuff until she fineds a use for them.  i Once found a cellar in thear.

i Do NOT know how the inside of the fridge got to be dirty or what kind of dirt it is, i Just know that it is thear becasue it hassent got a door.  hugh Might be abel to make the cable long enouff to stretch to the wall by moving the wall cloaser to whear you hafe put the fridge, but i Can NOT gaurrantee this will work in houses with fixed walls, like ours, witch is why Mrs. Walters got me to put the fridge in the cellar in the first place.

she Has replaced it with a old oven into witch she places large blocks of ice every day in order to keep the food fresh, and Baught a new fridge into witch she places large buckets of water every day to make the ice, thus enabling this process to continue, and proving once again that the little imagination of a thrifty Housekeeper can cut the cost of ruining a busy Nursing Home in half.  o Sory, i mean running.

manure (she pronounces it ‘man-you-ray’ becasue it is a Norwegian name) Does NOT like the new oven-fridge, she says thear is too much mopping up, and i suppose that – in some ways at least – she’s right.  at First it wassent a problem, everbody just assumed that sombody had starting having a wee by it, and it wassent till a good few smacks later that Mrs. Walters realised it wassent me, and that the ice was in fact melting.

i already KNEW it wassent me as thear is a security cam in the kitchen and i Would hafe seen myself doing it if i Had been.  only Manure seemed to believe me, although i expect the slight yellow tinge and the smell of wee in the mopped-up water might hafe given her some cause for doubt.  i Do NOT know how the slight yellow tinge and the smell of wee got there, but two of our residents are small enouff that you doanet see them on the security cams and frankly i Would NOT put it past either one of them (or both of them collectively) to have got into the kitchen undetected like that.  they Hafe sneaked into other rooms whear you can NOT see them on the security cams and juan of them (i Will NOT say witch juan) DID do a wee in thear befoar sneaking out again.  i Know it was her becasue i Could hear her chuckling while she did it.  a Imaginative mind will soon work out that you can do this in the kitchen as well as pretty mutch any room with high-mounted security cameras.  i Will check the rest of the footage later, and if indeed i doanet see them it will be good enough proof that it actually was them.

in A effort to help with the melted ice (or as i Like to call it, unfrozen water) Mrs. Walters has thaught up a way of simply collecting it up in a suitably waterproof vessel so that it woanet flood the kitchen.

fortunetly Thear is a unused fridge in the cellar witch i think will do the job admirably, if we simply turn it on its back …

love From 14
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