i Found out what happens to poo! (or eventually sewage)

helo Everbody it is me agane yoar old freand 14 again and i Hafe only got a miniute to chat as i Need to go clean up after my visit to the local Sewerage Plant!

steave And i Had a verey excreting time oh sorry i Mean EXCITING time as we were given a guided tour from the main storage tank back to the door whear we sneaked in, and i Think we boath leared a bit along the way.

four Instance, did you know that yoar poo is filtered 11 times after you have done it down the toilet? or That the giant scoop in the sorting area can hold the combined plops of almoast 200 families – PER SCOOP?? i Know i diddent! the Amount of knolledge to be gained is phenominal, and i Am glad i wroate lots of it down so’s i Can read and learn – perhaps when i Myself am haffing a poo! spooky, Issent it?

the Peapel thear were verey freandly, one of them even offered to drop me into the tank, and althoagh i Was sure to hafe found this boath fun and informatife, i Asked if we could put that off till another occassion when i Would be wearing my bathers, especially.

if Thear is one thing that sticks out from the adventure its the fact that Steves sense of smell is SO accute he was abel to IDENTIFY whear any given turd had come from, what that person had for breakfast, and how likely it was thear was some nutrient left inside witch might be useful for feeding cows or somthing. i Doanet know how you would get a cow to eat it, but i Expect that with some development you could get it to look like grass, in witch case the cow would eat it easy.

… and – Of corrs – i Managed to get a souvenier to help me rememember the fun we had. no It is NOT a turd – well, YES it IS actually – but i Like to think of it as a small brown pulp witch will live with me for as long as the piece of clingfilm around it lasts!

love From 14
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