flying Saucer

helo Everbody it is me agane yoar old freand 14 again and – guess what? i Hafe just seen a flying Saucer flying passed at a verey high speed and making sudden high spead direction changes witch i Think could only hafe been done with extreamly advanced technollergy from an nother planet!!

i Doanet think it was one of the ones adolph Hitler built like i Saw on discovery science the other night as it looked a bit moar up to date than that and – as maney of you already know – the Nastiz became extinct quite a long time ago and now thear are none of them left to fly one.

i Hafe beleaved in the existence of Alian Life for quite a long time, so it does NOT really suprise me to see direct evidance of it in the form of a highly advanced flying machine. what Does surprise me a little is that i Was in the kitchen when i Saw it, and i Hafe been wracking my brains for a reason they might have been in thear! perhaps If i give a description of it then you might hafe some idea why. it Was about a inch long, a sort of yellowey-black in colour (athough shades of gray if you are imaginning this in black and white) and had thease sort of ariels at the front. the Propultion System appearred to be similar to wings, flapping around extreamly rapididly, and it made this sort of buzzing noise witch seemed to go louder as it got cloaser. if i Was to compare it to a ‘earthbound’ object i Would say it was verey similar to a wasp, boath in appearance and size. of Corrs size is relative, and in the galaxy from witch they come they might be very large indeed, and thear spaceships would of corrs be gigantic, but we –

hang On – THEAR IT IS AGANE!!! i Am looking at it wright now!

o – Hang on again …

no, Sory, it is a wasp.

love From 14
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